woensdag 8 januari 2014

Creationist Comedy

A reflection on some funny subdisciplines in "creation science"

While I was studying in Antwerp, I started doing stand-up comedy. My main source for jokes was my study area: biology. Recently, I came across some subdisciplines of "creation science", another great source for jokes. And the most funny part for me is that the "creation scientists" take it seriously!

Introducing baraminology, a creationist taxonomic system that classifies animals into created kinds or baramins according to Genesis and other parts of the Bible. According to some "scientists" the Ark contained only a subset of species, the Biblical kinds, and that subsequent microevolution produced the 7+ million species on Earth today.

Dinosaur Encounters
If the Earth is only 6000 years old (as Young Earth Creationists believe), humans and dinosaurs should have met. I encountered an article by Phil Senter  in which he examines the evidence for the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. Senter destroys "examples" the creationist came up with, most of these examples are found in Roman and Greek literature. He remarks: "Instead of consulting the ancient Greek and Roman sources to see what they said, most YEC [Young Earth Creationists] authors [...] used secondary and tertiary sources, and one [...] even primarily consulted children's literature." Need I say more...

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